Love Your Body

“Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, evil or cruel?

Not to me”

JK Rowling

Ladies this is for you.

We all need to learn how to love our bodies differently. We, as a culture in general must learn to look beyond bodies and exterior shells and instead peer into the hearts of our fellow friends.

We’re all the same on the inside. Sure, our brains are wired differently, and maybe we all come in different shapes and sizes but that just makes us all special and unique.

What a boring world it would be if we all looked exactly alike. No thank you Stepfords!

I have girl friends of all different ages, races, and diverse beliefs.

These ladies are all different on the outside, but on the inside they all long for the same thing, acceptance and self love.

Since swimsuit season is upon us and I have a ton of friends who won’t even touch a swimsuit I wanted to write a story for you! You are not alone, and you’re worthy of having some fun in the sun.

If you know me then you know I’m a fairly tall lanky lady! I have little bones, and for years I couldn’t gain weight if I tried. The whole time I was growing up I hated my body. I swore I look exactly like a boy.

I had a flat chest, no booty and zero curves. This caused me to compare my body to others bodies and it left me feeling as though I would never turn into a woman.

I couldn’t feel confident in a swimsuit if I had nothing to put in the top, or so I thought. I spent quite a few years of my life beating myself up for the way that God made me. Never really understanding how lucky I was to be me.

After years of listening to women talk about their bodies and summer and swimsuits I knew that writing this was a must.

If your think your to fat, or to skinny, or to droopy, or to old or to whatever then this is for you Friends.

My hope is that you will understand that you’re not alone in your thoughts of feeling inadequate. This negative self talk has been going on for years and it’s quite simply a bad habit that can be broken with hard work and determination.

I don’t care what size you are! I celebrate you for you! I support you wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable, confident and sexy. We as women have lots of work to do on ourselves and we can do it by bringing these discussions to the table.

We can learn how to grow by supporting and acknowledging each other’s fears. We can change the way we view ourselves and by doing so, change the way we view others.

If someone has a problem with anything that you’re wearing, that’s 100% their issue and not yours. They can have an opinion but you don’t have to bear the burdens of their judgments.

Your not here to make other people happy. You were put here to find your light and share it with the world.

Now that I’m older I still wear a bikini 👙 and I don’t have any problem gaining weight anymore. I love my body at 44 more then I ever have in my entire life and I hope that you learn to love yours too!

2 thoughts on “Love Your Body

  1. Tomorrow is the 4th and my son wants to go swimming since I will be off work. At first I did not want to because of wearing a swim suit. After reading this I will be going swimming tomorrow! Thank you! 🙂

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