Who Are You?

I haven’t always been a writer, blogger, networker, social media coach, mentor or life coach.

I used to just be a hairstylist and a wifey and a momma. But I had this longing in my heart for something more.

There was this tiny voice that was buried deep inside my heart and I almost forgot about it.

I faintly heard a whisper calling to me beckoning me to be still and listen.

So I did. I began to foster a new part of myself that I wasn’t so familiar with. I mean seriously how many of you can tell me who you are and not include a title with your description.

So you can’t say I’m a mom or I’m a Dad. That’s part of your role here on earth, but your not just a parent. Your going to have to dig deeper than that to find your authentic voice.

The one that’s been with you since the beginning, but also the one that needs refined, renewed, released. Maybe you’ve been so caught up in being a parent that you don’t have any other roles in your life right now.

Maybe you forgot who you are and what you want in this lifetime!


Maybe you never knew the real you because you’ve been to afraid to look within.


Maybe you’ve been so busy serving everyone else you forgot how to serve yourself


It doesn’t matter where you are or where you come from, what truly matters is that you’re ready to create something new!

I understand that change is scary but after you get used to it you will become addicted to it. You will see that fear makes you stuck but faith makes you unstoppable.

I encourage you to kick your routines in the ass and shake things up a little bit!

Thank you for reading my blog I appreciate you


God Bless


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