Embrace change or get left behind

Say goodbye to Geoffrey everyone.

His stores are closing and Toys R Us is coming to an end.

As with all good things that end I’m sure we will have lots of awesome memories to carry around with us.

It was truly one of the only toy stores around that were left. I loved going there as long as it wasn’t Christmas time.

Do you know why this store didn’t survive?

Do you know what caused it to go under?

You see when it came to keeping up with the times, Toys R Us didn’t want to make online purchasing a possibility.

They wanted you to come into the stores and shop, and I fully understand the concept behind that.

They wanted you to experience your trip down Candy Cane Lane in person and by doing so keep some of the magic in their store alive.

But as you all know their ideas didn’t work for today’s consumers. When they decided not to sell their toys online as an alternative route to shopping it was the beginning of the end of our favorite Toy Store.

I wanted to share this with you today because I think it’s super important that businesses learn how to change with the times.

People want fast and convenient these days. They want simplicity at their finger tips. As soon as Toys R Us said no to online shopping, Amazon said yes to online Toys.

Here’s where we must learn to grow friends or be left behind. Online shopping is real life these days. I order numerous things to avoid driving an hour away to the mall.

Most of the time it’s free shipping and it takes less than 5 minutes to order and to pay.

It doesn’t matter what your opinion is on the internet.

It’s changing everything and you can either learn to use it to your advantage, or you can be stubborn and get left behind.

While we will all miss Geoffrey, we can all learn a big lesson from him.

The internet is a game changer for businesses and for communication, instead of hating it and refusing to conform I challenge you to embrace it and learn how to change with the times.

I make more money from my phone and online job then I do in my career. I decided to invest in the future and to have multiple streams of income, and I believe that you should also!

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