I’m Baaaaaaaaack

Good morning friends

I am back and I missed you

Did you miss me?

We spent an entire week at a Ranch in Wyoming with 19 family members

My husband has been visiting this ranch since he was 8 years old

And I love being able to experience it with him as his wifey and sharing it with our beautiful daughter

When we’re at the ranch the days seriously all blend together

The bell rings 3 times a day

Breakfast at 7:30

Lunch at 12:30

Dinner at 6:00

We have a morning ride and evening ride on the horses and we get to play in between

Jon and I got to travel alone for the first time and we loved it

Every adventure is another memory shared together

Every picture makes me smile

And every story will be worth sharing

Take time to fill your relationships with love

Treat them as the special gift that they are

Guard your time and your heart

Not everyone is aloud in 💜

5 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaaaaack

  1. Let’s just say I’m glad you’re back with new adventures to share. Your absence was well spent. As a reader, I’m thrilled to know that you had a super fantastic time. You got plenty to eat. You got plenty of exercise. You smiled a lot. You had loving time with your family. You brought back fond memories. I’m glad I didn’t miss my peek into the thrill of all of them. What a nice lift!

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    1. Good morning Jen 💜 there’s nothing like a week away to fill the soul in having a hard time getting back on track and into my writing groove but I’m guessing it shall return soon! I hope you have an amazing week gorgeous soul

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      1. There are 365 weeks in a year. I hope you take another, and another sometime soon. You soul deserves to replenish, refresh, and energetically reeve up your choo choo!


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