National Best Friends Day Love My Bit*h•s 🧚🏻‍♂️

Sister hood is the most powerful force for women’s health! I love my tribe, and I could never survive without them!

I’ve always known that I’m better with ladies in my life! They feed a part of my spirit that no one else can! It’s tribal all right and I love every minute of it!

I surround myself with several different kinds of ladies. From family to friends to clients to teammates, I love my girls!

We raise them strong and fearless and with a little bit of sass!

I spend time with my friends every single day, week, month, and year because I love them and they keep my ass in check!

If you don’t have at least one tribe then you are missing out! Some girls I party with and some girls I make money with, some girls I cry with and some girls I joke with and some girls I do all the above and more with!

Some girls God blessed me with and some girls I’m lucky enough to call my family.

Other best friends have been around for eveahhhhhhhhhhhh💜 like over 20 years and we share lots of crazy stories and inappropriate nicknames I can’t type here

I think we should celebrate best friends every day and hopefully I do

But today my blogs for you bitches I love you

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