Signs of summer

I love summer because I love warm weather! I leave for a Western Vacation very soon so over the last week I made sure to spend lots of time with those I love!

My daughter left yesterday with her cousins and grandparents and we will meet up with them soon!

I love my people! They are my thing 💜

I love pictures as much as I love people!

For those of you who don’t like my picture taking I tell you one day your gonna thank me for capturing all of these memories!

I could spend my entire life writing, reading, spending time with family and friends and taking pictures.

We took our grand baby to the “beach” for the first time!

Painted the deck at my friends so we can use her pool all year long!

Weddings 💜

Baby bunnies in our back yard!

Spent time with my girls 💜

Had our first dip in the pond (I should say they not our) ha ha

Learn what’s truly important in life 💜 and then make time for it

I think this summer will be one of the best ones yet because I’ve learned to be still and listen to my heart 💜

Our brother loves us I promise!

Celebrated my girls 40th birthday as she continues to kick cancers ass!

And summer hasn’t even officially started yet!

I am thankful

I am blessed

My heart is open

I’m worthy of love and abundance

Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog friends


God Bless


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