Abductions On The Rise

As much as I hate writing this post, I know that it’s my duty.

There’s been a huge amount of attempted abductions in Ohio and surrounding counties in the last 10 days.

I’ve talked to numerous kids and parents and I have a few stories from our home town as well. We have got to teach our children to become aware.

The most important thing you can share with your kids is this “Adults will never ask kids for help they should always ask other adults for help!”

This is one of the common lines just to get close enough to drug them. It’s happened at parks, grocery store parking lots, Walmart’s restrooms, gas stations and of course the rest area.

If you can educate your kids they can protect themselves better. You have to discuss the hard things with them because it just might save them. I know it’s scary but not as scary as them going missing.

Tell them to stay off of their phones in public because they are so side tracked that they never see them coming.

Tell them to be aware of their surroundings and teach them how to run fast!

Message me for more tips


Please share the word and let’s keep our kids safe!


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