Use your energy to believe

When you find your mind in a continuous loop of worry, stress, panic, or anxiety this is your first clue that your trapped in your fears.

You are literally stuck in your own mind. I am guilty of doing this even In the midst of trying to practice Presence.

If this is how you’ve always responded to chaotic situations, or to feelings that make you uncomfortable, then you truly don’t have a choice.

If you can learn to pay attention to yourself the next time you feel like your spinning out of control, you will realize that your body is taking on its normal pattern for fear.

It’s doing what it’s always done and the only way to interrupt this pattern is to learn a new way.

Unfortunately if we continue to do things the way that our brains have always done them then we will live a life full reactivity and negativity.

But if we’re willing to accept that our brains are where the problems lie then we will be able to seek help for the heart.

However you must be willing to change your patterns. You must ask for help and guidance on a daily basis and you must be willing to see beyond your own fears.

Love, acceptance, forgiveness, and emotional maturity always comes from a place of love. It always flows from the heart. When we’re able to look inside ourselves then we can begin the adventure of real change.

I know when I’m being by the light and I know when I’m being led by my fears. The hard part is deciding which one I want to rule my current life.

The easy way is to to do what you’ve always done. If you choose this way your mind and your fears will always be calling the shots and they will keep you trapped forever.

If you take the time to open your heart and to learn to listen to your loving spirit guide instead of your ego then your life will begin to change.

Your thoughts, feelings, dreams and intentions will change.

But you must always seek guidance and open your heart if these are the things you wish for yourself.

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