The old her and the new her were often at battle

Happy Saturday Friends

I’m all up in my feelings this week.

Maybe it’s the loss of a dear friend, or maybe it’s my awakening, or maybe I’ve just finally figured out what’s really important to me.

As I’m on this inward journey of taking all the walls down and building a new house, I have to tell you that sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s awful.

People don’t like change. They want everything to be exactly as it has been in the past. And if you don’t want to change ever, then I’m not here to judge you! You are aloud to do whatever your heart desires, and that’s ok.

But my path is different and now that I’ve started to walk it, there’s no going back. When I was sleep walking through my life, there were parts of me that were missing.

The auto pilot had taken over and I was no longer in charge. I wasn’t really living then as much as I was just merely existing.

I had to learn to find a new voice and then I had to learn how to use it.

And I have to learn again and again and again because it means that much to me.

I will never stopped learning and loving because those are the very reasons I exist.

Change is hard and it’s scary but if you want something you’ve never had before, then you will have to do things you’ve never done before.

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