You can’t find peace by avoiding life

You cannot find peace by avoiding life

In fact if you avoid life then you avoid living and that my friends sound pretty lame to me.

I get it I used to be the tough girl who didn’t take no shit, but that also meant that I wasn’t letting anyone get close to me.

I thought if I protect my own heart then it won’t ever get hurt again. I also thought that by playing it safe I would be able to create a new reality, but that didn’t happen.

The cages around our hearts work both ways. They might keep you safe but they also keep you stuck. If love can’t get in then it can’t get out.

And unfortunately this is where many of us will remain for a very long time, and maybe forever.

I know it’s terrifying to think that you’ve created your own cycle of unhealthy avoidance techniques, but the only way to change is to look at yourself.

I understand that’s it’s scary as hell to look inside yourself, especially if you’ve been trying to run from yourself your entire life.

The battle that we all face are the gremlins inside our minds. The voices is our heads that we need to retrain.

When we take the time to sort ourselves out then fear doesn’t have such a hold on us.

If we allow it to continue and we try to ignore it, then it will wreak havoc on our hearts.

If you want to find inner peace I can help you, but it’s going to be uncomfortable and painful for a hot second.

Your mind wants to avoid pain.

I teach you how To embrace the pain so it can go away 💜

May your Monday be full of new intentions for a new you

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