Love is the absence of Judgment

As an empath and a spiritual teacher my vibrations tend to be stronger then most peoples.

I am not a fortune teller by any means and I can’t read your palm unless I google how, but I am able to pick up on many feelings that others are unaware of.

This is both a gift and curse at times depending on who I am surrounded by. It’s a gift because when I feel the love it’s like an overwhelming energy source has come to fill My heart.

It’s a curse when I feel Judgment by others who are not full of the same light as me. I can read their energy without them ever opening their mouths.

Once I realize that it’s happening I have a couple choices to make.

I can limit my time with certain people, or I can cut them out of my life all together. (this could mean forever or temporarily)

For me feelings are amazing and complicated at the same time. I will always believe your energy over your words.

Do you know why????

Because we can fake words every single day but energy doesn’t lie.

You decide what makes you feel good

And what makes you feel bad

Don’t beat yourself up if someone doesn’t like you because those are not your people.

You will NEVER question love if you are where your meant to be 💜

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