She never seemed shattered to me……..

We don’t see things as they are

We see things as we are 💜

Do you understand what this means?

I sure didn’t understand it forever until finally I learned a little bit more about myself.

In life we are all wearing a set of goggles or glasses 👓. We develop

Them as youngsters and they continue to grow with us over the years.

This is why you might meet someone from your school years and they tell you a story, only you don’t remember it that way because you saw things differently.

It’s also why we could both be watching the same tv show and get 2 totally different feelings from it.

We don’t see things as they are we see things

As we are.

I was a broken child so I often see the world through my child like glasses. Sometimes these glasses serve me well and then there are other times that I need to set them aside so I can see clearly.

When we learn to take a deeper look inside ourselves then we will begin to create new realities.

When we take the time to become conscious it will help those who came before us and those who come after us love better.

Some people look at me with sympathy and pity in their eyes. They don’t understand what I’m doing or why I’m doing it.

And that’s ok because they don’t have to get it.

The things I do, I do for myself and for my family and for all of those women who will

Come after me.

God made me different for a reason

You can see me as shattered or you can see me as breathtaking………..

I’ve learned how to overcome your judgments and now I’m teaching others how to do the same

Learn to love yourself and those opinions won’t be able to touch you 💜

God Bless



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