Year 44 will be my most magical year yet

Today I’m celebrating birthday 44

I’m not sure how that’s even possible since I really feel like I’m 17 on the inside.

But so goes the journey of life

Our bodies and our minds start to deteriorate while our souls will always remain ageless.

Over the years there’s been certain parts of myself that I’ve stayed away from because they we’re unique and unfamiliar. One of these things being my intuition and my sixth sense to pick up on energies and people in general.

However this is the Year that I will

Explore those parts wholeheartedly and I will spend time reconnecting with my spiritual side.

I’ve been doing the work on the dark side of myself for the last few years, so it’s only

Natural that it’s now time to explore the light.

I will be writing out many new intentions today for my year to come

I will be realigning with my authentic self, my warrior goddess, my wholehearted self and I will honor my own alignment in this world

I wish you all a magical Monday

Thank you for reading my blog

For being a part of my journey

And for allowing me the awesome opportunity to touch your lives

9 thoughts on “Year 44 will be my most magical year yet

  1. Happy birthday, Tavia! May is a great birthday month, fresh and positive like yourself.
    You’ve a beautiful mind with which to journey, blog, and live this fresh, magical year. I will tell you, with an attitude like yours you will never grow old.
    May God bless you through another fabulous, enlightening year, Tavia!

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