Give it a try whispered the heart

Learning to listen to your heart instead of your head is the only way to stop being afraid.

It’s how I’ve learned to change my entire life.

It’s impossible says pride, but I say the word itself says I’m possible.

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins so I don’t want to be listening to that voice.

It’s risky says experience, but I say what’s a life without risk? It’s boring and mundane and monotone all at the same time. It’s safe and it’s easy and it will never challenge you.

It’s pointless said reason, and I said there’s always a point. The point is grow to learn to expand. To become the person you were meant to be.

Give it a try whispered the heart 💜

Because all good things come from here. The heart is full of love and joy and light. It’s where you find the magic for new dreams. The strength for the hard times and the hope for the future.

Which voice will you choose?

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