Fear is the cheapest room in the entire house

Fear is the cheapest room in the house

I’d like to see you in better living conditions


This is one of those quotes that gives me chills when I read it.

It strikes me right in the soul and the heart.

Because It couldn’t be more true.

Fear is so cheap that’s why we all live it.

Fear is our conditioned response.

Fear is our go to defense mechanism.

Fear stops all living hope because we don’t have room for faith and for fears.

It’s impossible🧚🏻‍♂️

You can live by faith or you can live by fear but you can’t them both at the same time because they are opposite emotions.

Fear comes from the mind where most of us spend our entire lives trapped. Fear is inherited, it’s used for shaming others, and it’s also a part of our natural brains functions.

While fear is a basic part of our everyday lives it’s the one thing that will have you stuck forever and you won’t even know it.

Some of us are so fearful that we’re not even aware of how truly afraid we are.

Always playing it safe

Always selling yourself short

Always creating new scenarios that will keep you stuck forever.

I am a fixer

An empath

A healer

A teacher

A lover

And much more

But these things make me want to save everyone and everyone doesn’t want saved or fixed or to change.

So over the years I’ve had to learn to see through people and their shenanigans. I tend to attract some askholes who only want to ask questions about how I’ve changed, but they never take any action to change themselves.

This is probably one of my biggest faults. I see so much potential in people to change their lives that I often get more caught up in their dreams then they do.

But I’ll tell you this, it’s helped me learned also.

I’ve helped a lot of people create new lives and learn how to dream again.

It’s the single best feeling in the world to see someone else grow into a beautiful

Conscious soul.

It’s also the saddest thing in the world to watch people who are stuck in their thoughts.

This year I had to make some changes when it came to my coaching and mentoring. I had to really start weeding out the people who want to change their lives and learn to avoid the ones that are committed to staying the same.

Please don’t live your entire life in the cheapest room in the house because your worthy of so much more!

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