You’ve been conditioned my friends & it’s time to wake up

You’ve been conditioned to believe that your job is to take care of everyone else

Before you serve yourself, And I’m

Here to deliver a different message to you.

My friends how can you possibly serve others if your cup is completely empty?


Why is your self worth tied up in serving others?

I used to be you………..

I pushed my dreams aside for so many years I wasn’t quite sure they were still alive inside me.

I thought my job in life was to be a mom

And to be a wife and to be a hairstylist. It never once dawned on me that maybe I was supposed to be more then the titles that I had given myself.

I was so busy playing all of the other roles that I forgot to live my truths. I am guilty

Of drinking the kool aid as Dr. Shefali calls it.

The kool aid is any silly belief that we’ve adapted to and believe to be true, but that’s simply not true at all.

This is yet another form of conditioning!

If you’re a good mom you do this………..

If you’re a good wife you do this……….

If you’re a good student you act this way…..

If your a good Christian you must………

If your kind you do this…….

And on and on and on with the Kool Aid💜

The next time you have some random idea about what’s good and what’s bad,

I challenge you to ask yourself why you think it’s good?!!?

Who decided it good?

Why do you agree with it being good?


Does it serve you today to have those same


You will find when you begin to question your own beliefs that you are already In the middle of an awakening 🧚‍♀️

The only thing you can control and change is yourself

Stop wasting so much energy living

Someone else truths and start creating your own set of beliefs

Here’s to becoming conscious of the Kool Aid and moving away from the conditions that life has put upon us.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog I appreciate you kind souls


God Bless


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