Mays Mindset

It’s May and that means it’s my birthday month🧚🏻‍♂️

Any guesses as to how old I will be?

(Leave them in the comment section)

It’s a number that excites me for sure 🙋‍♀️

But May is not only my birthday month it’s also a brand new month full of amazing possibilities.

Sometimes people think we can only start over when it’s a new year, but when it comes to my life I love to reset every month.

For me the feelings that come with it are exactly like a new year.

I get to reset my intentions and I get to decide what I need to work on this month. I have a few different set of goals for each month.

Some of them are for my business and for my blog. Other goals are for my family, fitness and spiritual growth. All of these areas in my life require a different set of goals.

They all require a different focus and a different determination.

This month I will be challenging myself in a few different areas that I think need more work. I will be dedicating more time to personal coaching and to helping others develop into their true selves.

I sure as hell wasn’t always a goaldigger!

In fact if you ask my mom she will tell you I had never even heard the word goals until I was 16 and I hated it once I was introduced to it.



Who the heck needs them!

(I love my teenage thoughts)

But I love my grown up thoughts more!

We all need goals and we not only need the goals but we need the action plan to follow it up.

I hope you take full advantage of today being a new month full of new beginnings

I remember I started my new business on the 1st of the month a few years ago because I wanted the entire month to build it.

What can you challenge yourself to do that actually scares the shit out of you? I suggest starting with the thing you avoid the most, the thing that’s been floating around inside of your for a while but you’ve been to scared to act on.

That’s the thing I would go after if I were you!

If I can help you with anything today message me and I’ll help you get started.

One day we will all die but every other day we will live……..:::

I ask you to ask yourself

Are you living or just existing?

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