How many souls have failed to soar because they we’re suffocated by others worry?

How many souls have failed to soar because they we’re suffocated by a loved ones worry?

Worry and fears run so much of our lives that there are times I feel as though we’re not really living.

Of course we’re alive but we’re so worried about the future, especially with our kids that we are missing out on the right now.

Right now I encourage you to pause and to reflect on yourself. Your thoughts, your words and your daily actions.

Do they create a more fearful environment or a more relaxed atmosphere?

A simple way to understand where your coming from is to ask yourself why are you having these feelings.

If you feel afraid, do you have to use your words and share them with your family?

Or can you feel the fear for a few minutes and look inside yourself and see why it’s being triggered?

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times that I find myself fearful during the week.

And if I choose to ignore my fears they won’t go away, but if I meet them head on then they can easily be dissolved.

No parent wants to intentionally create a fearful child, but this is what happens when we’re asleep. This is the natural pattern of passing on our dysfunction to the next generation.

God doesn’t want you to be afraid.

I don’t even think that you really like being afraid, but if it’s all you know then what choice do you have?

If we want to live fearless lives then we’re going to have to take action daily to counteract our unconscious living.

Your going to have to get real with yourself and your also going to have to admit that those voices in your head are no longer serving you.

Let’s teach the next generation that they are loved just for being born.

Let’s love our kids and our families from a place of peace instead of a place of fear.

Lets let go of all the silly ways that no longer serve us and let’s create a new truth for ourselves and our kids.

I choose the light

I choose love

I choose consciousness

I choose faith

I choose now

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