Marriage is a balancing act

Marriage is a balancing act

What God put together let no man come between


After all of these years together I want you to know that some days marriage is a walk in the park and other days it seems like your never going to be understood.

Anyone who tells you that marriage is all rainbows and butterflies isn’t being honest. When I write to you it’s from the heart and it’s always comes from the intention of letting you know that you are not alone and that it’s normal!

Maybe your parents had the perfect marriage and your trying to use their blue print as a marriage and your stuck in self comparison.

Maybe your parents are divorced and you work hard to avoid the same patterns.

Maybe your parents are married but the love they share for each other isn’t the kind of love you want to share with your spouse.

No matter where or what you come from, you have the ability to create something new. Sure it will take hard work and perseverance and it will even challenge you in ways that you’ve never been challenged before, but your so worth it.

Marriage is a life time commitment.

We not only agree to grow old with this person but we are also agreeing to grow spiritually with this person.

To find the parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden and to bring them to life.

People who are still married have wanted to give up and to quit, the only difference is that they don’t.

They learn a little bit more about each other every time they are able to choose their love over their hurts.

I’m so thankful that my views of marriage have changed over the years and I’m also thankful that God blesses us with a never needing desire foreach other.

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