Tired of all the excuses you tell yourself?

Anyone else ever get tired of all the excuses that we tell ourself?

What if this week you just stopped all the chatter and worrying in your mind and you just took action?

I mean seriously how many times do you find yourself completely lost in your own mind?

Your immersed in your own thoughts and you then believe these thoughts, and all the while your unable to ever stop 🤔 thinking!

If you can become the watcher of your thoughts then your thoughts will begin to change. Like the next time your mind won’t shut up say to it “I see you running away up there” and instantly you will create a space of


You will have stopped the thinking for just a second, and this will allow you to tap into the present moment.

The Power Of Now

You are NOT your thoughts and you are not your mind! Just because you think something doesn’t mean that it’s true.

Your brain is just another part of you! It’s your processing system. But you’re not a brain you are a soul 🙃 silly!

Don’t confuse the 2

If you really want to change your life you need some help. You can’t change on your own unless your already awakened.

The first step I took that scared me to death and made me grow at the same time was starting a new business from home.

It forced me to align with a new group of people. It surrounded me with a different environment so that I could grow into the soul I was meant to become.

These friends forced me to level up. They required more of me and they helped me to see things differently.

These are the choices we get to make as adults.

Who are we going to spend our time


What will do with our days?

Where do we need to grow?


What are the excuses that are holding you


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