Flowers grow in the mud for a reason

Good Friday Morning Friends

I came across this quote from Eckhart Tolle today and I wanted to share it again.

We as humans tend to avoid the dirty places in our hearts. The places where we feel pain, rejection, or abandonment are the very places that we will grow from.

The feelings that we hide from are the exact same feelings that will set us free. There is no growth without ugly pain. There are parts of you that wish to exist, in order to keep you safe.

They’ve been in place for so long that your probably not even aware that they are there. But that’s ok, because that’s all part of waking up.

Listen I know that it’s scary to look inside yourself. I understand fully what blame talk looks like and the victim mode feels like.

However I also know what the power of now feels like.

I understand my brain and my heart so much better because I took the time to make friends with them.

I would love to encourage you to take a spiritual journey inside yourself.

You are in charge of you💜

You can spend the rest of your life stuck and afraid, or you can get busy doing the work on your soul!

I hope that you choose yourself because your so worth it!

6 thoughts on “Flowers grow in the mud for a reason

  1. I hereby cast my vote for doing whatever it takes to get out of the mud. I might even visualize myself as a lotus. It grows in the mud, yet emerges strong and resilient. After the work it does to grow, it gleams in all it’s many beautiful colors in the light of the sun.

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