Do you say “I can’t” all the time? If so keep reading 📖

If you find the words “I can’t” coming out of your mouth a lot, then this article is for you.

I can’t and I can are both standard responses that we’ve created for ourselves!

Some people say yes to everything and this leaves them with zero energy left for themselves.

I’m not talking to you yes men/women today but rather those that are stuck on I can’t.

I was stuck on I can’t for many years so I get exactly where your coming from. I didn’t have the slightest clue that I was responsible for my current No’s!

I didn’t realize that I had made a little safe zone by saying no so often.

I didn’t say NO to everything, I said yes to lots of things, but when it came to serving myself I said no time and time again.

It wasn’t because I didn’t want to grow, it was because my brain needed retrained. I was really good at serving others first and putting myself last.

This is how I was raised, and this is what I saw. Women serve others before they serve themselves. They take care of their families and their houses and their jobs before they even think about themselves.

Society will lead you to believe that this is way of the world, but I’m here to teach your another lesson.

One about self love and perseverance.

One about becoming the person your supposed to be.

One that empowers women to create new lives and to leads the way for the next generation.

My spiritual healing will have a ripple effect that goes on forever. I hope that you find the courage to get beyond your own fears.

I hope that you know that your capable of amazing things, if your ready to leave the fear behind!

The next time you get ready to say “I can’t” ask yourself if that’s the response you want to choose, if it’s not then say yes and get ready to grow.

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