You save yourself or you remain unsaved

Good Sunday morning friends

I found this quote on one of my favorite websites SuperSoul💜 with Oprah!

She hit the nail on the head with this one.

When it comes to life we either save ourselves or we remain unsaved.

I am currently living this as I type to you. I realized that I was responsible for my self. My feelings and my thoughts are mine alone. My struggles and my adversities were put in my life to help me grow.

But for many years I didn’t know this. I was stuck inside myself. I wallowed in my own self pity and I learned how to become the victim of my own life.

Some of this I inherited from past generations and some of this I created to protect myself. We are complicated humans let me tell you!

Our brains are made to avoid pain, so the idea of looking inside ourselves is scary as hell. We don’t want to think that we could be responsible for ourselves. It’s our human nature to blame others for everything.

I am a reformed blamer🙋‍♀️

It wasn’t an easy thing to fix let me tell you, and there are times when I still find myself there and I have to check myself before I wreck myself.

Hello I’m human and so are you!

Life is about growing on the inside and doing things that force you to level up.

You weren’t put here to simply exist, you were put here to love and live and to explore your own soul! 💜

You can either get busy saving yourself or you can remain unsaved the choice is yours

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