Learning to receive the love you deserve

You will never receive the love you deserve until you understand what your worth💜

If we don’t understand how valuable we are, then how we do expect anyone else to understand?

You might say you love yourself, but then you do something that doesn’t honor your heart.

If I know anything about life I know this lesson, because I’ve lived it. I didn’t always have an amazing husband who’s faithful and trustworthy.

It took me quite a few years to get to the point where I even believed that I was capable of having a nice guy in my life.

I went through quite a few losers before I found my prince.

There was a part of me that knew I deserved the love of a lifetime, but there this was this other part of myself that didn’t want a real love.

It’s because I was afraid of everything!

Afraid of being alone

Afraid of not being enough

Afraid to share my true feelings and thoughts

Afraid to risk taking the walls down from my heart

Afraid of not being good enough

Afraid of being hurt

Afraid of boundaries

Afraid to use my words

Afraid to speak my truth

Afraid Afraid Afraid

It was my theme, even though I would have never admitted it to you. But that’s only because you don’t know what ya don’t know.

If you find yourself repeating the exact same patterns in your life, then your need to get real with yourself.

The only common denominator in the situation is you.

This means you are subconsciously choosing to continue on the same path that you’ve always been on. You haven’t taken the time to understand your needs and your wants.

You are not broken, you are just human!

There will come a day when your heart will win over your head.

You will do the work to love yourself and you won’t put up with anything less then the best!

I hope that you know that your capable of amazing things, but your going to have to get ready to make some changes.

If you want something you’ve never had before, then you have to be willing to to do things you’ve never done before💜

9 thoughts on “Learning to receive the love you deserve

      1. Very true! You said something in your post, “You are not broken, just human.” It inspired a thought I would like to write about later today so I would be linking to this post you wrote that inspired it. Just letting you know!😊


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