2018 The Year Of The Girls

Today I’m going to write about girls!

While the entire world might have lots of crazy in it right now, I’m the girl who always finds the good.

I know it’s scary at times and exciting at others but this is our life and we have to live it the best way we know how.

I feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams to be a part of this generation of women. God knew exactly what he was doing by putting me right in the middle of this era of feisty, strong, opinionated ladies.

An era where girls and women are taught to stand up for themselves.

I live in a time where after a million years of caring around shame and traumas in our heart, we get to finally reclaim our power by stating #metoo!

I live in a little town where a middle school girl was brave enough to stand up against her abuser and win. Did I mention he was the superintendent of the schools? Did I mention he was also her step father? Did I mention how afraid she must have been?

But she knew the hope inside her was bigger then the fears she was battling πŸ’œ and she fought back and she won.

This little girl is one of my hero’s. She’s paving the way for lots of other girls to use their voices as well. She’s going to be a savior for women of all ages.

Just by her sharing her story, I found out many of my friends have been violated over the years and told to keep quiet.

I have always felt a special bond with these ladies, but I never knew exactly why I was drawn to them.

It turns out now I know why.

We carry the same scars on our hearts. There’s an invisible thread that connected our souls.

I live in a world where another middle school girl was bullied by kids horribly. They picked her apart and reduced her to tears.

You know what she did?

She used her voice πŸ’œ

She went home and made a video and released all the shame she felt. Instead of holding it all in and feeling alone and afraid, she spit it all back out.

She was real and she was strong and she’s going to set the tone for many other young girls to follow the way.

Yet again, another little girl who’s going to be badass and a huge part of changing things for girls all over the world.

I live in a world where times are changing. Where views, beliefs, and opinions concerning women and their roles are being upgraded to fit this century.

I live in the most amazing time. I get to teach and lead and learn from the some of the realest people I’ve ever known.

I get to use my voice and I get to decide how my story goes. I get to empower women to love themselves and I get to help girls make a difference.

I need you to understand that Shame can’t exist if we talk about things. The moment we feel shame we need to go talk about it to someone.

I know you weren’t raised to do this and it feels awkward, but if you don’t talk the shame will win. It will be stuck inside you and you won’t know what to do with it!

Shame loves people who won’t talk. It’s a breeding ground for disaster in your heart.

I know women were raised differently back in the day, but today’s women won’t tolerate silence, they won’t accept mediocre and they will never be quiet again!

To all my badass girls and women

I love you all and this is your time to shine bright like a diamond πŸ’Ž

Be the women you we’re meant to be not the woman you think your supposed to be

By the way I’m not a crazy lady activist

But I Once was broken by this world and now I get to help love itπŸ’œ

5 thoughts on “2018 The Year Of The Girls

  1. Hi,

    great story.I raise my voice for all the girls victims of violence.Yes you said it well “I am not what happened to me”. That’s no shame.

    P.C. I could not find your name, and I’d like to call you by name πŸ™‚


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