You Are The Author Of Your Own Story, Pick Up The Pen & Write A New Chapter

Good Morning Friends 💜

I have a very important message for this morning and I hope your ready to receive it.

While God created you and made your life possible, he’s expecting you to start writing your own chapters.

It’s time for you to pick up the pen and begin creating the life you want. This doesn’t mean living the exact same year over and over again for the next 60 years.

It means that your willing to believe in yourself again, or for the first tine ever. Maybe you’ve never even known how to honor your own dreams. It might be a foreign a concept to you just like it was to me.

No one ever told me I can be whatever I want. I was told I need to go to college if I want to be successful.

I was told I have to color inside the lines and follow the rules for a happy life.

But if you know me then you already know I don’t conform. I’m 100% sure that writing and helping others is my magical mission in life, but I didn’t always know that.

I had to learn to explore a side of me that I was unfamiliar with. I had to expand my knowledge and my beliefs beyond my own limiting mind.

I had to make lots of changes in order to create a better life. But mostly I had to unlearn a lot of stuff that didn’t serve me anymore.

I had to update my blueprint and create a new one that reflects my current goals.

Are you writing the book of your life right now?

Is it going the way you planned?

Or is it time for a new chapter?

I’ve learned to overcome myself and I’m willing to help you when your ready!

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