Doing Saint Patrick’s Day A Little Different This Year

Good morning friends!

Yesterday my daughter and I decided to get our toes ready for the beach! We get to peace out of Ohio on Friday Morning and we’re ready for some sunshine!

As I type this to you it’s currently 28 degrees outside, and me no likey likey!

So yesterday we decided to do something different. My hubby went to a party and we headed to the salon.

It turns out it was exactly what we needed. The massage chairs were on point! My water got left on and it started to overflow all over the ground.

Thank God my daughter was intently watching, because she helped divert a huge catastrophe. We opted for some hot stone massages that were interesting and unique.

As we sat there, I felt the stress of the week begin to melt away.

The girl said to me “mam are you ok?” I’m all like “yes I’m trying to relax over here!” And my soul whispered shhhhhhh no talking!

I decided to take some of my own advice yesterday and get out of my comfort zone. Instead of picking my normal pink and purple polish I picked something unusual.

It’s not really my favorite but I don’t hate it either! You see, it’s just different then my minds used to seeing!

Just a few more days and we will be on our way. I think it’s important to recharge our batteries with a break from life.

My creativity will thank me for a trip to the beach and so will my soul. What will you do this week to recharge?

Happy Sunday Friends

God Bless Peace Namaste

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