Follow Your Passion It Will Lead To Your Purpose

We all have a passion that will lead to our purpose. But we’re all not living our dreams right now.

Many of us have been conditioned to be happy with average. We’ve yet to discover the true magic that comes from following our hearts purpose.


We’re just waiting on the right person to come along and show us how it’s done. That’s where I come in🙋‍♀️

I never even knew that I liked to write I just started doing it. It wasn’t like I’ve dreamt of writing a book my entire life, I mean come on.

Doesn’t every hair stylist write a book?

Isn’t that the norm?

I swear to you writing must have been buried away in my heart underneath all of the shadows.

I promise you that if I hadn’t been brave enough to start working on myself, then the magic could not have come to life. It all begins with a little spark of hope and it grows from there.

For many years I assumed my life was already abundant enough. I found myself right in the middle of blah!

I knew that I wasn’t about to have a mid life crisis, so I better get started using my energy in a healthy way.

But this from a girl who didn’t know what she wanted.

Thinking what am I going to do in my 40’s?

While I’ve always had a strong love for reading and personal development, I sure didn’t see myself as a life coach or a mentor of any kind.

My clients often told me that I needed to do more with my life. That I was supposed to help more people and that I gave great advice.

Of course when I finally started to listen to them and maybe even accept this idea into my heart, a whole host of worries entered my


This is normal friends!

This is when my fear set it!

It said you didn’t go to college you can’t help anyone else.

It said, your not smart enough for that.

It said, what if you tell them the wrong advice?

It said, just be happy with a mediocre life!

And it said a whole lot more, but I think you understand. I have the same

Voices in my head that you do. We are all the same on the inside.

I’ve just learned a new way to overcome those pesky little gremlins!

That’s why we CAN help Each Other💜

Because we are all so much alike.

I’m completely fascinated by what I learn about my brain and my heart.

The more I understand how these things work, the more exciting it becomes to me.

My passion is helping others discover their own magic within💜

And this is only the beginning

I hope your courageous enough to look for your own magic 💜

And brave enough to use it

4 thoughts on “Follow Your Passion It Will Lead To Your Purpose

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I can relate to every single word. I have been on a journey of finding my purpose and it was when I stopped searching and started doing what I loved that it came to me. It seems so obvious now but I think it was meant to happen the way it did. 😊

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