Will The Rest Of Your Life Be Average Or Memorable?

No matter what age you are I want you to read the sign below, and then I want you to ask yourself if the rest of your life will be average or memorable?

Today is the day you get to decide which path to pick!

If you pick average then you can carry on with your every day routine for eternity. You can kind of live a groundhogs day over and over again.

Week after week and month after month repeating your days until the end of your time here. You can live a normal life and never really challenge yourself to see what more means for you.

I’m not knocking this way of living, because it was me many years ago. I am however here to share with you what can happen if you decide to shake things up a little bit.

I’m the girl who decided to live a memorable life. One where I forced myself into changing, because the magic in my heart wouldn’t go away. And thank God for that because it’s been waiting on me to find it for a very long time.

You see friends I realized that my life was half over. And I also realized that I’m the only one that’s holding myself back.

I am not special and I don’t have a superpower, but I do have a fire inside me to help myself while helping others. I realized that I wasn’t living anywhere close to the life that I wanted to live.

I wanted more and I went after it. Yes it was scary sometimes, but that’s when you grow the most. Until you force yourself to take action, you will keep yourself stuck inside your own mind forever.

Thinking, wondering, fearing

A yucky cycle.

The secret to life is no matter what age you are, your soul always feels the same age. When I’m 20 and I look in the mirror it’s still my timeless soul staring at me.

When I’m 30 the exact same feeling

Now I’m 43 and guess what????

I still feel the same on the inside 💜

Your soul is forever young, but your mind and your body are NOT!

That’s why you need to learn to love yourself and surround yourself with people who force you to level up!

You were made for soooooooo much more then average, but it’s not me who needs to believe this, it’s YOU!

Thanks for reading my blog

Peace God Bless Namaste

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