Learning to discover my own magic again

Do you remember when you were little and you had lots of dreams and excitement? Then you got a little older and life started to take a toll on you. That spirit is still inside you, it just needs uncovered again.

(My beautiful niece today and I)

Once we learn how to get back to our hearts, and out of our brains, good things will begin to happen. You haven’t lost those feelings in your soul, but you have learned how to quiet them.

If you look at a child they are the true meaning of happiness. We are never more conscious then when we are babies. A toddler will be screaming at the top of her lungs one minute, with big alligator tears coming out, and the very next second be excited for her daddy to walk in the door.

If we can learn anything from them we can learn that they have zero attachment to their feelings. They don’t think “hey, I’m sad but there’s my dad, I’m going to keep on being sad.” They don’t think about that at all, which is my entire point. Kids don’t get stuck in the negative, they don’t hold onto to resentment, they feel it let it out, and start the process over again!

We as adults have so many lost emotions stored in our body. We have so much hurt, and pain and legit unprocessed crap, that we can carry it around with us our entire life⭐

But guess what?

You have the ability to heal

You have the ability to change

You can get out of your head and back into your heart!

I am living proof that you can change anything about yourself that you choose to. I teach people how to look within and heal themselves.

I will warn you, this journey is not for everyone. Sometimes we put up walls, that we don’t even know are there. We protect ourselves from pain at all cost. But now it’s time to go through the pain. You must feel it, love with it, dance with it and own it.

If you want to live life from your soul, instead of your broken mind message me

Today! You must take full ownership for you and your choices. Victim mentality doesn’t work here, neither does the blame game!

I didn’t wake up one day healed!

I work everyday on myself ⭐

I learned about my mind⭐

I learned about my heart⭐

I was brave enough to walk through the pain⭐

My gift to you is sharing what I learn ⭐

But don’t be fooled it’s my gift to myself first 💜

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