Middle School and Pictures From A Mother’s Perspective

Have you ever tried to take a picture with your middle school kid? It seems as though it’s nearly impossible to get them in the picture in the first place.

Then when you finally do they pretend to be asleep.

Or dead

I can write about this because it’s my second middle schooler and my son was the exact same way. I swear from 6th grade to 9th grade every picture we took he looked like he was either completely pissed off or constipated or both!!!

Look at how she smiled for pictures when she was younger! 💜

And don’t assume I’m saying this phase is bad, because while it might be frustrating sometimes, it’s also quite normal.

And I’ve had many laughs writing this today searching for these pictures.

I am able to catch some smiles when she’s getting her heart full by acting and you better believe I was snapping alway.

Here’s a beauty

Maybe this will work???


Perhaps this time I can get a good one?

That’s not soooooo bad 💜

Poo poo face

I promise she loves me🙋‍♀️

Im going to enjoy these years no matter what. Because before long she will be gone and off living her life.

I’m blessed to be her momma because I learn so much from her.

I love her goofy self and accept that middle school sucks sometimes too!

(I don’t have a clue where she gets her goofy from wink wink)

Peace God Bless Namaste

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