Feel Good Friday With Tatey Robbins

Happy Friday Friends💜

Yesterday I spent the entire day with this little beautiful soul. She’s my one and only grand baby and she’s something special I tell you.

I’m pretty sure I could quit my job and stay home with her every single day because that’s how much I love her.

She fills my heart and my soul in a way that makes me feel an overflow of gratitude and abundance and love deep within.

God put her in the right family because she’s a little whipper snapper! 💜

I know sometimes life is hard and it seems as though nothing will ever go right. But if you can learn to practice gratitude everything will begin to appear a little differently.

Of course at first you might not even notice the changes that your brain is making. We humans have a hard time with change, however if your persistent I promise you it can be done.

My love tank is always full when she leaves because I fully understand what an amazing blessing she is.

When I put her to sleep for a nap you will never guess what she wants me to sing to her.

I mean other then Jesus loves me💜

Did you guess???

Are you thinking of a song that a 2 and a half year old wants to hear?


She always asks me sing happy birthday and I have to name her animals during the song. How freaking cute is that and original because we don’t do average girls in this family.

It’s Friday and I hope I just gave you a reason to smile.

I also hope I’ve inspired you to find a gift from your every day blessings 💜

She’s one of mine

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