International Women’s Day 2018 Celebrate The Girls

There are many different parts of a woman and her soul. From a very young age we are born with the capacity to care for and take care of others.

It’s as though God filled every girl with love and empathy. Women are the heart of the family. They are the ones who carry the emotional burdens of others in their hearts.

They are the feelers the dreamers and the empaths of the world. They are the lovers and the fixers and the glue that holds it all together.

They are mighty and brave and vulnerable all at the same time. They carry a bit of magic inside them that helps carry them through their hard times.

They are hardwired to stay out of their heads and spend most of their lives in their hearts. They are fragile and mighty all at once.

They choose to show up and love with all of their hearts.

They are committed to love and have a joy for learning. They are emotional because they are strong enough to feel, and brave enough to dig within.

Women are truly amazing and I’m beyond lucky to have a tribe of beautiful friends. I never take their friendship for granted, and I cannot imagine a life without them 💜

Tag your favorite women and let them know how much they mean to you

Celebrate the ladies in your life

3 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2018 Celebrate The Girls

  1. Your last quote here is my favorite of all those celebration women spotted around the net today. In my opinion, this quote opens the door to all who want to share a sparkle or two of the magic that is gloriously female. Thanks for sharing. I can’t get enough of this sentiment.


    1. Good evening Jen 💜how are you? I couldn’t agree more with your favorite quote I found so many I had a hard time narrowing it down! I love that we get to celebrate each other today 💜 I try to empower ladies daily just in case they don’t get it anywhere else 💜I hope you had an amazing day celebrating yourself

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