I’m convinced I’m a mermaid trapped in a human body

I’m convinced I’m a mermaid trapped in a human body.

Seriously I love the sun and the salt water and I can’t stand shallow living.

I prefer to use my mind to swim at depths that some would drown in.

The world needs more mermaids you know!

Or Fairy’s or some kind of magical spell cast upon it. It doesn’t need more celebrity’s and famous people, it needs more healers and givers and lovers. It needs a different kind of energy then the one that seems to be taking over.

Who else is tired of all the negative vibes?

Who wants to share some love and some light?

Who wants to learn about the magic inside of them?

Who’s ready to be the change the world so desperately needs?

Learn to love yourself and the entire world can change. I used to spend so much time living in an angry place and playing the victim to my own life. I didn’t speak up I just sat there as my life was being planned for me. Decisions were being made concerning myself and my family and by not using my words I in turn felt powerless.

That’s not a good feeling. It made me feel little and insignificant and as though I don’t matter. You see for so many years I shared my opinion freely, but maybe not appropriately. By that I mean I speak the truth and it didn’t come with a filter.

(Disclaimer: I still have no filter and I love this about myself)

I was real good at sharing my feelings, but the presentation needed some work. So in my 30’s I trained my brain to freeze. Instead of speaking up I normally sat there and watched as things took place.

My voice was not my own during these years. I was not being true to me and it was beginning to show by the way I was feeling on the inside. It would be real easy to blame everyone else for their part in this over the years, but I’ve learned that blame talk gets us no where.

So I’m just going to use Tay Tay Talk from the heart. By not using my voice I lost an important part of my authentic. By worrying about other peoples feelings I became a part of the problem instead of the solution.

God gave me a voice because I’m strong enough to use it. He doesn’t want me to sit by and be quiet he wants me to stand up and speak for his people. He wants me to have the conversations that truly matter.

He wants me to lead his women to a new level of healthy. No more dysfunction, and no more repeating history. We learn how to use our voices in a healthy way today. We make a pact with ourselves to speak up even if our voice shakes, and in doing so we will teach our kids about what’s truly important.

If you want to talk about other people then don’t strike up a conversation with me. If you want to talk about yourself and your journey and your heart then bring it on, because that’s what I’m all about.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it💜

4 thoughts on “I’m convinced I’m a mermaid trapped in a human body

  1. You definitely have a Voice…Your voice has been heard….your energy has been felt. I am glad I can attest to these things. I often say, truth without compassion is brutality. A talent or God giving gift needs character behind it or it will be used to harm. I am glad you have grown and you are more powerful and standing in your uniqueness. You are love and you are making a difference…

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