When you feel as though you don’t belong know that you’re not alone

I grew up feeling as though I never really fit in or felt wanted. I felt love many times, but acceptance and belonging is what I was searching for. I remember vividly crying to my

Grandma when I was a little girl that I was soooooo ugly. I think part of it was I had a big old cap on my front tooth, from where I had shot it out with a toy dart gun!?!?

Don’t ask me why, I was little, I just remember doing it, and lying to my mom about it. I told her I tripped on a rock and chipped my tooth.

My hair was unruly, as it still is but I’ve learned to work with it as I’ve gotten older. Maybe a subconscious reason I became a hair stylist.

Another reason I thought I was unlovable was because my dad wasn’t around. Clearly if your own parent doesn’t want you, then there must be something terribly wrong with you. Why else would they choose to not be a part of your life?

But now as an adult in her 40’s I realize that every single person I know has felt as though they don’t belong at some point in their life. Some more then others depending on how strong they relate to their feelings.

We are all always fighting an imposter battle that occurs within us. We can learn to heal our minds if we’re willing to walk through the mess. We can make things different for our kids so that Shame and Blame are NOT a part of their everyday lives.

We can learn to use our voices in a healthy way that honors our authentic selves. We can be the the healers and the lovers this world so desperately needs.

But we must first learn to always look inside because that’s where the treasures lie.

I choose to use my voice

I choose to speak up

I choose vulnerability

I choose truths

I choose authentic

I choose to be seen

I choose to be heard

I choose love

Every single Morning you have a new start. You get to wake up Fresh and decide your feelings for the day. You get to decide how your going to spend your time and with whom your going to spend it.

You get to decide if your daily activities make you better or make you bitter!?!?!?!???

If you don’t like answer it’s up to you to make the changes.

You only have this 1 life and I hope your truly learning to show up for it💜

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