Gather up all of your broken dreams and build a life you love

Gather up all of your broken dreams and let’s build a life you love. You are NOT stuck with the life you have friends, your just stuck inside your own mind. Your trapped in the madness of fear and your unable to escape.

Your mind is an organ and it has a job to do! I cannot say it enough that we are our problem and we are also our solution.

Wherever you are right now in your life it’s because of the choices you have made. Or maybe the choices you failed to make!?!? Either way the first step is take responsibility for where you are.

In order to rewire the brain we must first become aware of our own bullshit. I admit it that I used to be in denial about my own life.

I didn’t want to take the time to relearn anything, let alone focus my energy on myself. That concept was completely foreign to me. I was used to taking care of others and self love was not a category I was familiar with.

Fast forward 5 years and I will tell you that I’m still learning about myself and now I’m teaching others what I know.

I am a personal development #junkie and I love every minute of it. I knew that I was supposed to be doing bigger things with my life. I realized that God gave me a voice for a reason, and since it wasn’t for singing it must be for speaking.

I think the most important gift you can give yourself is to do things that scare you. Things that are new and different. Things that you think you could never do. Things that make you uncomfortable are the very things that will shape you into the real person that your supposed to be. You will never grow if you can’t be brave enough to get beyond yourself. The fear is what keeps you stuck, but you can learn to work the brave muscle, with guidance and practice.

Come with me and let me help you take off the armor, and pick up the heart where you left off. Let me teach you how to live awake 💜

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