Celebrating Women. A Blog Series Part 1 I AM Strong By Chrissy Lay

I Am is a blog series dedicated to the every day women in the world. The ones that you haven’t heard about until now.

The daughter, the mother, the wife, the aunt, the sister, the grandma, the friend. True stories of women who have learned how to overcome their struggles.

Stories that would break some people, tend to make other people better. These brave souls are no different then you and I, we are all the same on the inside. We want to fit in, and we want to be seen, and we want to be heard, we all want to be loved.

I think the world needs more good news, and it needs more cheerleaders. We need to learn how to support each other again, instead of always being in a competitive battle with one another.

I choose to share the love and empower the women I’ve met along the way. I picked Chrissy because she has a spirit that is strong and amazing and she has a heart of gold. She has overcome so much in her life and despite many setbacks, she always had the courage to get up and try again.

I think Chrissy was the perfect person to start off this series, because she’s so relatable and real. I think many people will see themselves in her, and hopeful they will find a new glimmer of hope from her story. I know I did.

Heres her story in her own words below πŸ’œ





I am 42years old .

I am Strong! I am a Survior !

My Name is Christina And I am A Recovering Drug addict!!

I had a very loving and “normal” upbringing. My Mother and Father were together up until I was 16, at the age of 14 They gave me a beautiful baby sister. I lived in a normal suburban home In Glen Burnie, Maryland. I am a High school graduate .I had a Basic uneventful upbringing.I always felt I was “not enough” though . My family always made sure To let me know I was..but it wasnt convincing to me. I always tried pleasing people. I would make up stories, extend the truth etc…just to “make people like me” never worrying about consequences.

I graduated High school in 1993, Had a daughter in 1995, married my daughters father in 1996. That is when I picked up my 1st drug , the 1st time I escaped the ” I’m not enough ” feeling. Upon My ex husband hurting himself, Pain pills entered our life. I took one ,one night and felt incredible.1 a day led to 10 a day…which led to full blown addiction.2 years of searching for pills..lying stealing and manipulating everyone I came across finally led to self sabatoge and to our divorce . That put me back home at my moms with my daughter.

I quit pills “cold turkey ” when I left my ex husband and it was awful. Hot and cold Sweats, aches , vomiting and no sleep for 2 weeks, but i did it, all while caring for my daughter and keeping her as normal as possible. My Family supported me and helped me get through withdrawals.

separation and finally divorce.

I had 2 full years clean and it all ended 1 night out with a very toxic friend. That night took all of that from me.I picked up again. I used more and more..I lost weight, I thought I was hiding it but everyone knew. I justified it all by telling myself that My daughter stayed protected , fed. clothed , housed , loved and nurtured. Truthfully I was an emotional and mental wreck. I took any pain pill I could , I kept myself numbed. I Spent thousands in 1 year.I was killing myself.I took amounts of narcotics that should of killed me.

I woke up 1 morning and looked at my mom, sister and child and asked for help.I went to rehab 4 hours later. I spend 21 days in the Hope House and I never felt better .I spend 3 years (approx) living clean , working., being a mom, paying bills, I was living.

I gave all of that up and used again..I went harder than ever. This time I used Heroin . I lost track of length of time , I lost my place to live, my child stayed with my mom, I had no vehicle, no, job , no morals, no conscience , no emotions, NO HOPE . I developed an eating disorder and ended up living in tents, cars and roach infested motels . My life was OUT OF CONTROL!! Yet NOTHING was enough to make me stop.I did what I had to do to keep high as to not get sick. Time passed and I grew worse and worse. I was a person no-one wanted to be around, no one trusted, no-one even knew anymore …and THANK GOD I finally hit my bottom!!

Through my entire drug induced life span I was never promiscuous, I never sold my self, Never slept with anyone for drugs or money…So the day someone had mistaken me as a prostitute , that was the day I decided enough was enough.I hit my bottom. ..SOME ONE THOUGHT I WAS A HOOKER.

The NEXT DAY almost I heard about and I started a methodone program.I told myself that I was only doing it for 6 months.that gave me time to take the steps to actually start Recovery. I changed My number, I got a Recovery coach , She helped me learn how to recover.She guided me, she cheered me on, she also held me accountable !!

I ate healthy, I made myself aware of my triggers(with her help) and made myself even more aware of how to avoid them. I created (with her assistance and my dedication) my relapse prevention plan. I changed all of my friends and

contacts. I started making amends with my family..I WAS RECOVERING…I WAS LIVING …I WAS CLEAN!!

At my 5 month methadone evaluation I decided I was time, I started a blind detox. AT 6 MONTH ON THE DOT I WAS FREE OF METHODONE . I had completed my 1st goal as a recovering addict.

I am now 8 years clean and sober. I am in full recovery , and actively working on it daily.I never stray from trigger awareness or my plan.

I Now Coach addicts through recovery and build there plan.

I am a mom ..wife..


Recovery Coach, motivator and CHRISSY!!


Empowered Women Empower Women πŸ’œ

If you or someone you know would benefit from Chrissy and her story please share this with them. If you need help she’s available to help you with your journey.

This woman is accomplishing amazing things with her lifeπŸ’œ thank you for helping me celebrate her!

Stay tuned next month for more exciting stories from women around the world.

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