Learning to live awake

Live awake

What does that mean to you?

To me it means releasing the patterns of the past.

Learning how to show up.

Living life with more intention and less auto pilot.

Understanding the complexity of ourselves in order to create authentic relationships.

Breaking the patterns of the past because our presence is worth it.

Learning which voice we need to use and when to use it.

Spending time loving and learning about ourselves so we can help others love as well.

Daring greatly even when we’re afraid and want to quit.

Listening to the voices in our heart that support love and change, & learning to quite the critical ones from our childhoods.

Living awake isn’t for everyone and there’s even lots of times that I fail to stay conscious. But I can tell you this, every time I make my way back to my old self, it takes me less time to snap out of it.

I love the part of myself that has learned Presence💜 and I want more of it.

We are amazing and complicated souls who have to figure things out on the inside. Don’t beat yourself up if you sometimes stumble and fall, at least your trying!

Keep it up friends 💜

Your worth it


God Bless


Thanks for reading 📖

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