Monday Morning Blessings From My Home to yours

Yesterday morning my family and I experienced an amazing gift together. We finally became members of our church after 10 amazing years of going there.

Some of you might be thinking that’s a really long time to go to a church before officially committing to it, and I would almost agree.

However, sharing this special moment with our daughter made the timing impeccable. I think God always has a plan for our lives, but as with most things they occur when he is ready, and not necessarily when we are ready.

I happen to believe that this weekend was exactly as it should have been. And you better believe the devil was alive and well this week. Attacking our marriage, our faith and our hearts all at once. He doesn’t want us to become members of our church. He wants us to fall for all of his shenanigans, but I’m to smart for him.

The school shooting last week nearly broke all of our hearts, and the sadness in the world is overwhelming. But we persevered, because this is after all Gods plan not ours.

In the midst of a the darkness we chose the light. I will forever be thankful for this amazing day and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Gods love is exactly what the world needs more of.

I hope you fill your heart with love and give it to the world. Everyday when I sit down to write, I imagine what your heart needs, and I try to fill it.

My gift is writing and sharing what is yours?

God Bless



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