If you want to know who failed to stop the shooting in Florida read this (a mom who refuses to be quite any longer)

Its time to stop wasting time and energy by making school shootings a political debate. My husband teaches 7th grade, and my daughter is in the 7th grade at the same school. That’s pretty much more then half of my heart in one place.

I don’t live my life in fear, but once in a blue moon I say an extra prayer for them as they leave in the morning to head to school together.

It’s a little scary when hearing about a school shooting has become the norm. It’s like are you kidding me? Is this seriously fucking happening again? I live in a very small town in Ohio.

Within our county and the surrounding ones our schools have had their own shootings along with a multiple suicides (caused by bullying and Social media) and other tragic events. Yes the danger is lurking in my back yard. Some of my closest and dearest friends had kids at these schools.

I saw them hurting up close and personal. I know what it’s like to be afraid and to feel helpless. I felt their pain and saw the fear in their eyes as they waited to see if their own kids were ok.

I experienced anxiety along side with them the whole time, wishing I could do something to help them. But the only thing I could really do was pray.

Until today when I realized I could be quiet no more.

God gave me a voice and I’m going to use it today honor him. I have what it takes to speak my mind and to stand alone.

I’m so disgusted by the lack of action taken to help our children now a days. If a child at your school commits suicide, we need to understand fully how they felt, and why they felt that way. It needs to be talked about and then there needs to be some kind of prevention/intervention.

What can we do as parents to make sure this never happens again? What can do to keep this child’s memory alive? How can we use their social media as a tool to show our kids what to look for?

Our children need to know that we are here for them and that we will take action on their part.

I think Sometimes we just want the bad stuff to go away. We don’t want our town to have a bad reputation, so we do our best to make it all go away as soon as possible.

I’m not saying that they don’t hold a vigil, or give the students council, because they do just that in the beginning. But shortly after that it’s as though most officials want it swept under the rug. They want the cloud to be lifted and they want the sadness to go away.

But guess what guys, as you can tell by our latest shooting, it’s not going away. It’s not getting better, and I’m sure there’s more to come.

Instead of blaming mental illness and guns, let’s get to the real issues here. Stop using these horrific deaths of young kids, to gain your political growth. It’s awful to watch and to listen to some of you.

Blame is for the weak.

The truth of the matter is these kids told many people and no one listened. Do you know how hard it is to talk to an adult about something like this when your a kid? It’s very hard because our kids brains are not fully developed yet. There’s no frontal lobe.

These kids tried to do the right thing and no one took them seriously. So don’t you sit there for one minute and blame this on anyone or anything else.

There were many opportunities for someone to stop this before it happened. We are failing our children on so many levels that I want to quit my job and travel around the world speaking to schools and to parents and helping them learn to listen.

Someone has to do something! Stop worrying about being politically correct and start worrying about what you can do to help the youth in America!

Accountability starts with you and I.

We need to learn how to listen when kids are brave enough to talk to us. Don’t let your opinion or your fears cloud the moment, because you always have a choice.

You can do what serves yourself or you can do what serves our children.

I’ll speak up for them

I will help them find a way to be heard

I won’t sweep anything under the rug

And I won’t let another kid die without trying to make a difference.


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