My Old School Valentines Box makes me smile today

Who remembers Valentines as a kid?

My mom gave me an old shoe box and a roll of aluminum foil.

I then proceeded to wrap that bad boy until you could no longer see the πŸ“¦ box.

No glue was needed for this part, because if you wrapped the foil just right you could get it to stick to the box with little effort.❀️

If you were a kid in the 80’s you know what comes next………

The construction paper πŸ’œ

I always picked pink and purple and I cut

Out a few hearts

That we’re made by folding the paper in half and cutting along the sides.


Now I was ready for the glue and if I was feeling really creative I might even glue on some candy 🍭 hearts πŸ’•


Scrolling through my news feed today’s kids would have a really hard time using only Foil and construction paper………….

Or would it be the parents who had a hard time with this?

Either way here’s to the days I still remember and the memories I will never forgetπŸ’œ

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