A weekend full of gratitude, love, and abundance

I’ve had the most amazing weekend! Full of love and service and theatre and family and friends and serving the Lord. My heart is beyond full and overflowing with love and abundance.

There’s wasn’t a single thing I did this weekend that I didn’t want to do. I mean let’s be honest guys, some weekends are made for sitting on the couch, and vegging out while binge watching your fire stick. And some weekends are made for connecting and having fun.

My beautiful daughter has been performing High School Musical Since Thursday. They ended up having 5 shows in 4 days, and today is the final act!

After today’s show they are going to have a cast party and let loose. ๐Ÿ’œ

Friday night I missed the musical so I could be at my church to volunteer for A Night To Shine. And, What an amazing event it was.

I was able to watch watch my Daughters performance a total of 4 times, so I didn’t feel bad about missing opening night.

There are times in our lives when we must serve the Lord, and this was one of them. I love my girl so much and she understands why I wasn’t there. In fact she actually wanted to help with prom, but it didn’t work out this year. However we will find other ways to serve him together, very soon.

Here’s a friend I met while I was there. He asked me to dance and of course I said yes. During the night there was dinner and dancing. They were able to get their hair done, their make up on, and their finger nails painted. They also received a shoe shine, a limo ride, and they each got a picture with a special frame to remember their night.

One of the most exciting parts of the entire was when they were ALL crowned King and Queen of the Prom!

I was the volunteer, but I’m here to tell you it was my heart that got full on Friday night. There was a magic in the air, full of love and warmth and kindness. It was peaceful and magical and amazing.

And I am a better person for helping with it. I got to do a girls hair for the first time in her entire life. I was amazed at what I was hearing, and I was honored to be the first.

Friday night my husband was blessed with a date from our granddaughter. He took her to dinner and the show and spoiled her every step of the way.

I cannot tell you how much it fills my heart to see him as a grandpa. He’s the best๐Ÿ’œ and I even think he’s sexier for it! We were both serving other people Friday night, instead of ourselves and we’ve already been blessed for it.

We got to keep her over night, so after our events we all met back at the house. Where we played for a little while before we turned in for the night.

There’s nothing better then holding a baby close as they sleep peacefully. We are beyond blessed by our role as grandparents. And we know that Tatum has already made our hearts triple in size.

I got my hair done Friday and let me tell you it was beyond needing it! My crack was out of control! It made me so happy I channeled my inner unicorn and this was the result! Since I was getting my hair done, it also meant I was doing hair. So Another bonus for the day was downing 3 hours with my girl Lish. I also got to see my other girl Renee’ and spend a little time with her๐Ÿ’œ which totally made me happier! #sizzorsquad

Saturday I managed to work, get in a Jazzercise class, catch my niece and my nephews basketball games, and go to dinner with this handsome guy.

After that we headed off to the theatre for a date. We were lucky to have visitors with us last night who brought their own magic to the show.

My cousin Brett and his son Charlie came to town to watch the performance with us. We don’t get to see each other enough and it most certainly made my evening to have them there with us.

Charlie was full of comments and questions as are most 4 1/2 year olds. His sparkling personality made the night even more magical. And I think you should know that he does NOT like Sharpay, and he was very adamant about it!

After the show we always go down for celebratory hugs and congrats. This afternoon we will have our last show at 2:00. We have a few special friends coming today, and we can’t wait to share the final production with them.

You know, since my best friend got cancer I’ve really changed the way I think about life. I don’t take it for granted and I’ve intentionally been making more phone calls instead of texts. I’ve been very conscious in spending time doing what I want to do, with those that I love.

I know that my life is a gift and blessing from God. My marriage and my children, my family, and my friendships are all of my blessings. I am lucky in love and I don’t want to waste a single minute of it.

Don’t take your life granted. Don’t wait for a special occasion for anything, because being alive is special enough๐Ÿ’œ

May you have the courage to truly love and live! Spend time doing important things with those you love!


God Bless



Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ’œ

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