I learned about the theatre through my daughters love for it

I admit it and love every minute of having a daughter who is into the theatre. I never did anything like that when I was a kid, and she’s always loved it since she was little.

She’s performed so many times I seriously lost count. If I cared enough about the number I could probably figure it out. But since the numbers not really important, I’ll add that to another blog!

From the audition to the last performance I know that we’re in for a ride. The next 3 months of our lives we pretty much eat, live and breath The show. Practice is 3 times a week, and depending on the speed of the performance there might be even more then 3.

This year they are performing High School Musical Jr.

A classic for sure, with a valuable lesson we can all take home with us. The dedication from the directors and the children is always a step above. They expect excellence of our kids and I support that wholeheartedly.

The kids come from all different schools surrounding the county, and this even includes some home school kids. This gives them all an awesome opportunity to meet new friends, and hang out with a unique group of kids for a change.

It’s a welcome break from the normal every day dramas of middle school. This year I purposely stayed away from the show until today when they performed for some local school kids.

I wanted to feel the magic of seeing it for the first time, and it did not disappoint. She shines when she’s up there, and she sparkles from the inside out!

“Gorgeous and Glowing”

There’s lots of time for having fun and being kids, in between all of their hard work. The bond that they create during the making of the production is one of the best gifts of all! Peyton made friends with Anna a few years back and every year they pick up right where they left off.

It makes my heart happy to see the changes that occur within my daughter every year. I am blessed by each new lesson that she’s here to teach me.

If your kids have a dream help them achieve it. Support them, love them, encourage them, and dream with them. Inspire the magic within especially during their teen years. They need you more now, then ever now!

They have 3 performances coming up and they’ve already sold more then 300 tickets for each show. I can’t wait to experience the magic again and again.

Break a leg guys

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