A Heart That Refuses to Listen To the Promptings Of The Holy Spirit Will Never Change………

After having a conversation with a dear friend last night about praying, I thought a blog was in order. The conversation brought with it many good questions and valid points that I needed to share with you.

I should tell you that I not only pray but I also meditate and do yoga a few times each week.

When I’m praying I’m asking God for things, or I’m praying for other people or myself. This requires me to be thinking because I’m speaking. My mind is working and I’m conscious and able to decide what I want to say next.

I used to pray things like fix my husband, or make my child listen. And as you probably guessed, those are my thoughts, my wants, my feelings and my desires. Those prayers don’t honor Gods love, and they don’t come from a pure heart.

They come from the ego, or even our broken child, but never do our fix others prayers come from a place of love and intention. They come from a place of fear and contempt and control.

They come from a place of selfishness and Gods love is far from selfish. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

And by the way, don’t beat yourself up if you pray like this.

It’s not your fault!

When you know better you do better, and after this article you will have no excuses. When it comes to praying, first you need to start with a confession of what your lacking. For example,

Dear God, I am selfish and I am broken. I keep trying to do things my way and it’s not working. Please help me do things the way you want them done Lord. Please use my spirit and make it yours. Help me see things the way you want me to see it and not the way I see it Lord. I ask that you help me take the walls down from heart, and the blinders from my mind God so that I can live the life you planned for me. Please help me be committed to changing and honoring you! In Jesus name we pray Amen

As you can see above, I changed my entire tone during this prayer. God already knows exactly what you need and why you need it. But you have to be willing to admit your faults and ask for help. We think we’re hiding from him and ourselves, but we’re not. He’s waiting on us to be real!

You will never be able to change your heart if your unwilling to open your spirit. If your blocking any sort of love from going out, then your blocking that exact same emotion from coming to you.

Your spirit is the second half of this equation. If we’re going to pray and ask for help, we have to learn to listen to the answers.

Once again don’t get this twisted friends. Your answers are not Gods answers! Your brain should not be calling the shots. If you take the time Every single day to be still and feed your soul, then God will be able to communicate with you.

But if you live a busy life of to much activity and over indulgence on the self, then you won’t be able to hear the Holy Spirit when he comes to talk to you.

You will instead be cut off from spreading the love of God, because your choosing yourself over Gods way. A positive feeling of love and hope comes from the heart and from the lord. A negative thought and a reactive retaliation come from our own selfish desires.

Everyday I have 2 choices.

I can feed myself or I can feed my heart. I can do things my way or I can things his way. I can open up or I can shut down. I can quit or I can try again. I can feed the faith or feed the fear.

But I can’t do both๐Ÿ’œ

Earlier I told you I do yoga and meditation. I do both of these things because it causes my mind to be still and when I’m quiet is when I can listen to God. If we’re never still we will never listen.

The question really is what’s more important to you?

Living a life based on what you think you need?


Living a life based on what the lord has called you to do?

I’m going to With the option 2, because I know the glory that awaits me๐Ÿ’œ

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