Did you know that your Gods prize?

Happy Sunday Friends! I got my heart full at church this morning, and as always our pastor was on point.

Delivering his message about our souls, and our lives and what’s really important. You see guys, if you don’t take the time to be still, then your decisions won’t be aligned with what God wants. They will be aligned with what you want for yourself.

That’s ok to do, if your not a church going friend, and I don’t judge you either way. But for me, it’s not enough to go to church on Sunday, if I’m not consciously incorporating it into my life during the week.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to get it right every time. But what it does mean is that I continue to try to bring myself closer to God and further away from what Tavia wants.

Of course I don’t always try to do things my way!

There are plenty of times that I’m able to listen to the whisper in my heart from God, and I even act on the command. I choose love instead of fear. I choose to open my heart instead of close it off. I chose consciousness over repetitiveness, and I do things from the soul not from the mind.

This doesn’t mean that I repress my feelings and convince myself that I just need to be quiet. And it also doesn’t mean that I get to explode with an over the top emotional outburst that makes me feel really good while I’m in the middle of it, but actually leaves me feeling worse at the end.

So I have to find a balance, and I have to incorporate silence for the soul in order to align with Gods intention for my life. I struggle daily with many doubts that we women carry around inside of our hearts. But I also know that I will struggle less if I take the time to be still.

It’s takes lots of time and dedication to yourself and to God if you want to change your life. Understand that you can find a peace on the inside. And even though it’s not constantly going to be there, it gets stronger with each use.

God wants you to know that even when you feel unlovable or unworthy, that you are his prize, and that’s why he gave you life.

God Bless



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