I promise that you will find your light in the middle of the dark every single time

What if I shared the secret of life with you this morning?

Would you believe me?


Would you deny it until the end?

What if I told you that your main goal in life was to show up?

What if you were supposed to learn who you really are by looking within?

But you didn’t know that, because no one ever told you…..

until today.

Are you connected to yourself and to those that you love?

Or are you guarded and scripted?

Are you on autopilot?

Kind of just going through the motions but never really opening your ❤️

Are you confused by my questions about yourself because maybe you don’t even know the real you?

It’s ok if these things scare you, because they scared the shit out of me too. That’s what showing up is about!

Being brave and vulnerable is not something that comes natural for most of us.

We’ve spent our entire lives trying to protect ourselves and defend ourselves from feeling! We are classic avoiders, it’s just how we’re made.

But here’s the good news

If your willing to devote time to learning about yourself, then your entire world will begin to change.

But first you must step up, be willing to get real with yourself and be braver then you ever have before. Show those that you love that there’s a better way of living and of loving.

You’ve spent most of your life doing things your way and I have to ask you

How’s that working for you?

(Yes that’s a Dr. Phil question and an appropriate use of it🧚‍♀️)

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