How I learned to update my internal operating systems

Good Morning Friends πŸ’œ

Today I’m writing to you about the voices in our head, and learning how to change them. I have worked diligently over the last few years to change mine, and I’m happy to report it’s finally working!


I wouldn’t say it was an easy thing, but I would say that it’s an amazing thing. I would also say, that you should never settle for being who you are right now. You owe yourself so much more, and you only have this one life.

When you’ve learned how to be one with yourself, every single one of your close relationships will get better. They will become stronger and they will be more authentic.

The voices in our heads come from many different places. Brene’ Brown calls them the gremlins, and there’s not a person alive who doesn’t have them. But did you know that you can quiet the gremlins?

Do you realize that they don’t have to control you anymore?

The revelation must occur before the change can occur.

Don’t judge yourself because of your thoughts, you’ve kind of been programmed. But now you get to unravel the mystery of yourself.

Acceptance is where it all begins πŸ’œ

I accept that I have some thoughts in my mind that don’t serve my higher purpose. I am also up to the challenge of learning about them, and discovering a new way to talk to myself.

I might stumble and fall along the way, and that’s ok, as long as I keep trying. I will show up and be brave, even when I’m afraid. I will share my journey with the world in hopes that many might be able to love themselves again.

I will learn to be responsible for myself, and not for other peoples feelings. I promise to use my voice in a healthy manner to guide others who are on this journey.

I promise I’m not perfect and I’ll never strive to be. But I’m genuine and I’m real and I’m thankful for every bit of my life.

I’ve been blessed with many amazing things and this is only the beginning.

I hope you all have an amazing weekendπŸ’œ

Thank you for stopping by to visit me

I appreciate you



God Bless

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