Let’s face it women are either labeled the “nice lady” or the “bitch” and I think it’s time to create a new generation of women #empowered

Good morning friends 🧚‍♀️

This morning I’m coming to you with some good old fashioned girl talk.


Women are separated into 2 different categories. We have the nice lady and the bitch. You can also call it the people pleaser and the angry girl!

Either way it seems we’re one of these.

In my family and with my friends this is 100% true with the women I know. I’m not judging you here, I am the bitch, so how can I judge you.

Im just going to investigate these 2 categories and perhaps suggest some new ones, that will serve us better now a days.

Disclaimer: If you don’t like what I’m saying here, or your offended or appalled, then you should stop reading this article because it’s not for you.

However if you would like to understand our roles in society better, then keep on reading.

If you are a nice lady then your goal is to avoid anger and conflict at all costs. In certain situations that should make you angry, you actually stay silent, and then talk bad to yourself and maybe even cry.

If your a nice lady don’t beat yourself up, because that’s part of the negative pattern. You avoid conflict because you think your responsible for other people’s feelings. You push your own feelings aside, so often that eventually you won’t even know how you really feel anymore.

You truly feel it’s your job to make everyone else happy. In today’s society the nice

Lady is rewarded and the bitchy lady loses this popularity contest.

Women that are “nice” always know their “proper place” and they will seek this in order to gain the approval of others. Unfortunately when you repress your anger over and over again your eventually going to flip your lid!

And when your done being irrational you will find yourself confused and the cycle will begin again.

Until you read this and realize that you can change because your an amazingly strong, stunning and beautiful soul.

Now we’re going to talk about the flip

Side of this. The “angry” woman.

I do resemble this🙋‍♀️

And as different as they may seem, they are actually both very much the same. These 2 styles of anger might appear different, but they both are built to protect others.

If your a “bitch” like me then you don’t have any problem with getting angry and letting everyone know about it.

As I mentioned before though, being Bitchy comes with a label and most people in America don’t value angry women, in fact some men are completely turned off by them.

Our emotional out bursts make them uncomfortable and they often leave us feeling powerless afterwards.

If we’re angry and we share our feelings ineffectively, we will be stuck in a viscous cycle. Of course we have the right to be mad, but we don’t always have the ability to share our feelings in the proper way.

This in turn makes other people disapprove of us instead of sympathize with us. I think it takes bravery to stand up for something you believe in. But when I’m stuck complaining or blaming I can’t share my truths in a clear precise manner, thus keeping me stuck in the very cycle of dysfunction I was hoping to avoid by not pleasing others.

We are the same, even through we are very different. If both of these situations leave us feeling powerless then I think it’s time for a change. If we feel drained at the end of the cycles then they must not be serving our inner purpose.

I received very little help with anger as a child, and as an adult I’m on a mission to help you learn about yours.

Tomorrow I will write part 2 of this

I hope I’ve given you something to think about 💜

Are you willing to break the patterns of the past in order to create a new generation of women?I am!

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