If you feel unqualified to be used by God, keep reading

Do you feel unqualified to be used by God?

Do you know that God Loves us all?

Don’t you ever think for one second that your unworthy of amazing things.

Those thoughts of doubt and uncertainty don’t come from God.

Unfortunately the negative voices arise from shame and blame of never being good enough. They come from places that are inside of us that need healed.

God doesn’t want you to be perfect and then come to church. He wants you right now in the middle of your storm. He wants you to know that his love doesn’t come from your head, and you won’t be able to get close to him if your stuck in your mind.

When you feel that tug at your heart and it’s says Choose love, but then your mind comes in and says “I’m not doing that”, you’ve just overridden Gods desire for you and chosen your own way.

God wants you to show up and be yourself!

Our sermon on Sunday started with a question!

Would it be better to be a dishonest saint before God?


Do you think it’s better to arrive in heaven as the hot mess that you are?

Of course I yelled out #hotmessexpress during the question because I know it’s true.

God already knows you Friends, better then you know yourself. You can hide from yourself and you can hide from the world but your not hiding from him

Do not wait for things to get better to go to church. Don’t wait until you think your worthy or you might never end up there.

You see my friends the sin that lies inside of you lies inside all of us. We are all the same, but we don’t all deal with things the same.

If I could encourage you to do one thing this week it would be to examine yourself and your thoughts. You are worthy of love and peace and presence, if your willing to open your heart.

God does amazing things with everyday broken people and you are no exception!

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