If your unhappy, this might be the problem

Happy Sunday to my internet friends.

Life has been flipped upside down over here and I’m doing my best to keep on keeping on.

If my writing seems off lately your probably right about that. I’ve been a little bit numb the last couple of weeks, due to circumstances beyond my control.

But I’m here, and I’m writing, and I’m getting through it. Life is amazing and wonderful and then it’s chaotic and scary.

And we can’t have one without the other. Since I’ve been a little off, I’ve thinking about how out of alignment I’ve been.

It’s also helped me realize what I need to do to get back in touch with myself. I can’t stop writing and working and teaching because those are the very things that’s keep me going.

Those are the things that feed my soul. Those are the things I need to get through the mental anguish that life can bring sometimes.

I know how hard it is to show up when your afraid. I understand that some conversations make you vulnerable and they also have the tendency to make you want to run away.

But I really think that’s what we’re supposed to do in this life. We need to teach people to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If we can learn to get past the comfort zone, we can learn to change anything.

That’s when you grow!

When your unsafe, unsure, and uncertain ๐Ÿ’œ

When you feel sad the next time, ask yourself what’s going on inside you that your not honoring.

Dig deep in your heart and be real with yourself, because your worth it!

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